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1 de Marzo de 2014











this would have been funny if you wrote “fowled up.” I know because I’ve directed and written a bunch of comedy movies.

I can’t begin to describe how much I enjoyed this.



Just realized hallmark channel is like syfy for women. Instead of super croc vs Bigfoot it's Candace Cameron going home for Christmas.



we might as well change newtown, ct to newton, ct since autocorrect has basically done it for us today



I detest the knee jerk reaction tendency of this country. guns aren't the source of this problem. we need to pay more attn to mental health



i can't believe how overtly blood thirsty cable news networks appeared today. there isn't a shred of integrity left among these people.



": Police say they've uncovered a plot to castrate and kill Justin Bieber " - I need to hide my plots better.



right now everyone in florida is wondering why they don't get a douchey celebrity concert everytime they have an actual hurricane.



im so fed up with jimmy fallon's "awe shucks, im just a regular guy" bullshit gimmick. this 12.12.12 concert is dogshit.



espn has covered the lakers being 4 games under .500 today like nbc covered 9/11. it's a fucking basketball season, lighten up assholes



not sure why everyone is so hard on detroit teachers. according to facebook over 90% of detroit teens list occupation as record label CEO



Take a minute to think about how much property damage will be done with 'the home plow' this year. What an awful idea.



: Singer Jenni Rivera missing after plane she was flying in lost contact with air controllers. -nobody knows who she is dummies



If my parents would have gotten me a fathead as my main Xmas gift I would have taken them to court. What a dumb commercial.



": PSY apologizes for lyrics calling for death of U.S. soldiers. - that's breaking news folks. Simply ridiculous.



can't wait for an hour of uncle si on duck dynasty tonight. only funny reality show on tv



@Turkovic4 i was thinking they looked like the bad guys from the non-offensively named classic "rush'n attack" for nintendo.



i've heard that jesus may have been working with a soft 8 and 3/4." can you confirm or deny this? it's very important to my faith



did you ever get the ‘bring out of the shop?





RT Chiefs place LB Jovan Belcher on injured reserve.



I'll pistol whip the next person I hear utter the phrase "fiscal cliff"



don't put 85 in your car. It actually hurts your mileage and if it's ethanol it ruins most motors over time.



Just spent about 30 minutes googling nude pics of gennifer flowers. Not proud of it



you would never fit in that car.



don't worry kid from "two and a half men" i don't watch the show either. not so much because it's "filth", but because it's not funny



@Turkovic4 oh man I wanna be in Naples too. Is that where you guys are?



i wish i could chug 5 gallons of nyquil and wake up next sunday for the finale of boardwalk empire. easily the greatest show i've ever seen



I guess at this point we are done even pretending these shitty pop stars are really singing.



Savannah Guthrie's lack of an upper lip really bugs me




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